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Unexpected Journey by Roshna Bhattarai

Bags packed, rooms left bare,

My Family and I leave with a long stare.

Thinking about my new lifestyle,

I begin to worry for a while.

It may be a wondeful change,

Although, it could be quite strange.

I think about my friends I’ve left behind,

In hope of meeting others so kind,

I shall cherish the memories we made,

Which shall never fade.

They say America is a Land of Opportunity,

With its people come to unity.

Moving may allow me to see different place,

Along with new faces.

It may be a great country at times.

But does have some negative signs.

My parents are concerned about jobs available,

Some might not be so favorable.

Cost is also a problem,

Sinking many families to the bottom.

America has its difficulties,

Though its people are ths first of its priorities.

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