Introducing our team: Susma

IMG_2482I identify myself as Susma Adhikari, born and raised in a small refugee camp in Nepal. I am a current resident of Burlington, Vermont and have been living here for five years now. I am a sophomore at Burlington High School. My life back in Nepal was not as cruel as it was to some. Even though my family and I never struggled for food, shelter, or clothing, moving to the United States was, I believe, the best option. I would sincerely like to thank the UNHCR for giving us a massive opportunity to relive our lives with delight.

Moving halfway across the world has been immensely rough and problematic for me. Since people in Nepal speak Nepali and give their first priority to teaching Nepali in schools, my knowledge of English was lacking compared to others I met. I am sure you have experienced how it feels to be a new kid in school at some point in your lifetime. The feeling of loneliness was upon me. Not knowing anyone made it extremely hard for me to further my education at school.IMG_2448

My first few months in Vermont were strenuous for me. There was never a day where I wouldn’t wish to go back to Nepal. The life style in U.S. was so different from life in Nepal that it took quite some time for me to settle down. I believe that briefly all Nepali had trouble understanding English when first arriving here in the United States, as it was to me. Lacking English skills means no strong communication with others. Personally, comprehending English was the biggest challenge for me. It took me a while to adapt to life and culture here, but as time passed, life got much easier when my family moved to a different city in Vermont known as Burlington. I became best friends with three amazing girls who always supported and encouraged me throughout my tough times. Even though one of my friend moved to a different city in Vermont, we are still best friends, will always be and have each other’s back no matter where life takes us.

IMG_2484 (1)Doing well in school and passing each subject with good grades is a tremendous goal of mine. Though it is going to be difficult– since the subjects are getting a little harder than before, and being involved in sports makes it even more difficult–  I will still try my hardest to make sure I get high grades. Getting better grades leads to better colleges, and attending better colleges is the key to success in the future. Attending one of the top universities and having a profession in the medical field has been my dream since childhood. I work extremely hard every single day at school to make the pathway to my dream more accessible.

Although at times I become a little insecure wondering if I will be qualified to attend the college of my dreams and have a profession as a nurse practitioner, seeing some familiar faces not accomplishing their dreams leaves me thinking, what if I fail to fulfill my dream to be a nurse? That is my biggest fear. I know it is arduous to accomplish what I have dreamt of, but it’s not impossible. There are countless amounts of challenges that I have to encounter before I achieve my childhood ambition, but I will not rest until I accomplish what I have dreamed.