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Hello, my name is Rhea Poudel Sharma, and I am currently a sophomore at Berea College in Kentucky. I came to the United States about nine years ago from a small town called Birtamode in Nepal. My parents are of Bhutanese decent. I have been residing in Atlanta, Georgia ever since I came to the States from Nepal. My struggle to fit into American culture was a bit different from the Bhutanese-Nepalese that have recently come to the States, as there were very few Nepali people in my area, when I arrived. It was difficult at first to not have anyone who shared my background and to not know the language that was spoken around me, but it got easier as I started to interact with the people I found around me. Not being part of a particular clique was the best option for me at the time because it exposed me to different things and made me learn more about American culture than I would have if I had sequestered myself with just one group of people. However, even after many years of living around the American culture, I have made sure that I do not forget my roots. I am very fond of my heritage and believe in keeping a fine balance between the soil I was born into and the soil that I live in today.

A brief introduction about me, aside my background: I am a Pre-Medical and Chemistry major who intends to go to medical school in the future. Besides my studies, I am also an active member of a few clubs at my college and hold leadership positions in them. These clubs include the Pre-Allied Health Club (Event Coordinator) and Biology Club (Treasurer). In the past, I have been associated with clubs such as Habitat for Humanity (Co-Vice President), Future Business Leaders of America (Secretary), Interact Club (Secretary), National Honor Society, Technology Students’ Association, National Beta Club, Art Honor Society, French Club, and the Center for Pan Asian Community Services. During my free time, I like to cook, watch movies, and read books. In terms of athletics, I am interested in swimming, running, playing badminton, and ice skating.

I heard about the Children of Shangri-Lost project from my friend Diwas Timsina, who asked me to contribute to the project by sharing a little about myself and my story.

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